The website was invented by me and is owned by Zoltán Ötvös.

The first push was halfway through radio in my childhood, in the 70s, when my father showed me the inside of a simple civil receiver and explained roughly how it works. Even then, the tubes enchanted me and the fact that they made a sound out of "nothing". The final push in the direction of radio was given by my old math-physics teacher when he showed me the radio amateur station. He turned on the transceiver and made a couple of shortwave connections between 100 and 3,000 km. The fact that I can to a person livind X km far from me only by connecting an antenna to a radio device, absolutely enchanted me, and this "love" continues up to this day, and I am interested in any device that communicates using radio waves, a simple receiver, a transceiver or even an airplane radio compass.

Later I got my amateur license and was finally able to play with radios as I please! Once I saw a military radio at an amateur friend of mine, maybe it was an R123 or an R105D about 15 years ago. I have been always interested in antiques and in old military radios these two things come together, antiques and radio. I was completely enchanted by those radios and I decided I was going to deal with them. At first I just started collecting them, but then I started to get interested in their operation, so I started learning how to fix them.

I hope that my efforts will reach as many people as possible and maybe they will see in these devices the enormous mental and physical work with which these devices were created at their time!