Welcome all our dear visitors on our Katonai Rádiók / Military Radios website!


We are interested in the Warsaw-pact countries's radios especially the russian and hungarian military ones, that can be only a receiver or a transceiver also.
This is a PROFESSIONAL website.

We created this website that we can share as much information as we can with the people interested in about these weird devices. Weird because at those times, with "rudimentary" tools they coiuld create such "state-of-art" devices, like the R-123 or the R-326 receiver, which, even in today’s modern world, holds its place in terms of sensitivity. Weird also from that point of view, that they combined the electronical and mechanical solution in a brilliant way. We would like to gather the information about these devices that can be wherever found, adding our own experiences, even our own videos. This can be found in the Radios section.

Because for reparing, testing these devices we need instruments, other devices, so we reserved space for their list in the Other instruments section. At the same time other radio communication devices like eg. an airplane radio compass also fits into this section.

For repairing these devices we need spare parts, so we list them into the Parts section. Here we list mainly tubes and semiconductors.

And finally, we provide possibility for the exchange of informations and devices for the interested ones and collectors that can be done in the Forums section. The exchange of information it's pretty much like a question-and-answer roundtable. The exchange of devices can be done as search-offer way, BUT...
As the purpose of this website is NOT to make any huckstering or make a profit, it's only and exclusively possible to exchange a device for a device in this forum.


The purpose of this website is definitely honesty, correctness and to publish precise informations. For this:
- every article is deeply analized, so for now only we Zoltáns can publish and 1-2 colleague with sufficient experience,
- reading articles, downloading is free for everyone without registering, because this is our goal, that as much people should get the information as possible
- reading the forums also free from registration, but posting into the forums it's only and exclusively after registration. 

Every registration request is individually examined and jugded.

Because our goal is that these "state-of-art" devices, intruments should not vanish in the darkness of the time, we collect any kind of documentations and devices, instruments which is included in the above sections, so if you have any documentation, device, instrument, receiver, transceiver, spare parts that you dont need, and you dont want them to get to the junkyard, please dont hesitate to contact us!

We opened out own youtube channel, where we are continously uploading videos about radios : Sultan's Radio Workshop
We are going list these videos at the specific radio type too.

We welcome any kind of error report, idea, suggestion, so please contact us as indicated in the Contact us menu! Thank You!

Best regards
Zoltán (Mezei and Ötvös)