Welcome every visitor on my Katonai rádiók / Military radios website!
My interests are mainly the radios from the countries participating in the Warsaw Pact, mainly Russian and Hungarian military radios, whether they are just a simple receiver or even a transceiver.
This is a PROFESSIONAL website.

I created this website so that I can share as much information as possible with those interested about these eccentric devices. It's weird because electronic "works of art" such as the R-123 transceiver tank radio or the R-326 receiver, which still stands in today's world, were created with devices that could be called "rudimentary" at the time. the location in terms of sensitivity. They are also strange in that they unparalleledly combine electronic and mechanical solutions. I’d like to bundle up the information I’ve gathered here and there about these devices, adding my own experiences, even my own demonstration videos. This is what the Radio Lists is for.
Since instruments and equipmenta are needed to repair and test a device, so I gave them space too, I would like to list them in the Other equipments list. However, radio communication devices also include equipments such as an airplane radio compass. They are also included in Other equipments list.

Parts are also needed for repair, so I listed them in the Parts list. Here I mainly list their data sheets for tubes and semiconductors.

And finally, I would like to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information and equipment between those interested and collectors, which can be done during the Forums. The exchange of information on it is pretty much like a ask-and-answer roundtable. Devices can be exchanged in search-offer form, but ...
As this website is NOT for the purpose of gambling, non-profit or financial gain, only and exclusively devices may be exchanged in this forum.

The purpose of this site is to provide fairness, accuracy and accurate information. Therefore:
- each article is subjected to a very thorough analysis, so actually only I and 1-2 colleagues with relevant experience can publish an article,
- articles can be read and downloaded by anyone without registration, as this is the goal of reaching as many people as possible,
- it is also possible to read a forum without registration, but you can only write in the forums after registration.

Each registration application is individually examined and evaluated.
Since it is my intention that these "works of art" should not disappear in the darkness of time, I will collect all kinds of documentation and appliances, equipment included in the above, so if you have any documentation, equipment, appliances, radios, parts you don't need, and you don't want them to get to the junkyard, please do not hesitate to contact me!

I also opened my own youtube channel where I keep uploading videos about radios: Sultan's Radio Workshop
I will list these videos in the specific radio type list
I welcome any bugs, ideas, suggestions for improvement, please contact me according to the Contact menu item! Thanks!
Kind regards
Zoltán Ötvös