Type : signal generator

Frequency band : 1 - 520 MHz

Modulation : CW, AM, FM, FMx100

Modulating frequency: 400 Hz, 1000Hz and external source

Output signal level: +13 dBm - (-127 dBm)    50 Ohm

                                      1V         - 0,1 mikroV


Power supply : built-in power supply 110, 127V, 220V / 50 Hz

Construction : semi-conductors

Weight : 16 kg


Documents collection (158,3 MB) : EMG-1172 documents


More photos : More EMG-1172 photos



My own comments:

- based on my own experience, I have to agree with others that as long as it works, it's very good, it just doesn't need to be improved

- I encountered roughly two of his weaknesses that came up with me and for which I got rid of it :

   - the isostat switch line, mainly the switches that set the output signal level

   - output signal level switching relay

- if the output isostat switches start to wear out, namely they are destroyed, especially the lower signal level switches,

   then it's all just agony, because I never knew why there was no outgoing signal, because of the isostat or becausethe output relay

   was worn out

- if either is bad - isostat or relay - we notice that there is no output signal

- repairing the isostat is not easy, I tried to spray it, sand it gently and in the end replace the little contact plates isostat inside the

   switches itself, but all worked only for a while

- unfortunately, I know of very few professionals in Hungary today who are able and willing to repair them, but nowadays already

   there are much better and more reliable signal generators available at affordable prices.