We maintain our opinion that published documents - from any source, own scan, downloaded from the Internet - are essentially the intellectual property of the Ministry of Defense or the manufacturing company of the country, so no one can claim them after they have been scanned / published by anyone. We don't do either. The fact that a particular Ministry or company does not exercise its right of ownership is still its intellectual property and nobody's else. Intellectual property does not expire.

Anyone is free to download anything from our website. We do not ask for any consideration, reward, "synergy", anything. Our goal is to spread the knowledge, experience and not to have any kind of financial gain in any form. If you need help or information, please contact us and we will try our best to help.

 Some of our resources are documents that can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Our most important Internet resources are, including but not limited :

- military.trcvr.ru

- museum.radioscanner.ru

- cqham.ru


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