The website was invented and owned by: Zoltán Mezei and Zoltán Ötvös.

Zoltán Mezei

I spent my student and beginner years at Orion in the 80s. From here he was called up for military service in August 1988 to Szombathely. I thought the connection to electronics was over for a year and a half. I was wrong. During the training, I obtained a first-class combat vehicle driver qualification. My position was with the self-propelled artillery class as a class commander driving point driver (1V15). This machine contained all the state-of-the-art radio commnuications equipment at the time. In the driving position R-111, R-130M, R-173 transceivers, MASINA fire control computer with all their accessories, in the tower is an R-173P receiver, gyroscope, laser rangefinder, and in the driving position on the right is an R-123M transceiver! In a real dream world, all inaccessible equipments for private persons. Checking and maintaining their operability was my responsibility every Saturday morning during the technical service day (TKSZN). The love of military radios comes from these times because I vowed to have them in my collection later.
After my decommissioning in February 1990, Orion was already showing signs of disintegration, workshop closures, layoffs, early retirements, and downsizing were commonplace. At that time, this happened to almost all of our large Hungarian electronics companies. So I didn't return to the factory but I started to work in the private sector, I became a servicer of a small company and I took a small TV-video service in Kőbánya as a contractor for almost 15 years.
Even during this time, my passion for collecting was unbroken. I tried to make the acquired devices to work and restore them to their factory condition. Today, in addition to tank radios, the focus has shifted to first-class receivers. Among the Hungarian devices, the devices of the Mechanical Laboratory and Videoton can be mentioned, but Russian radios are also of interest to me. Improving them, maintaining their operability is the main goal of the hobby and, of course, the rare occassions of driving combat vehicles.

Zoltán Ötvös

The first push towards radio was in my childhood, in the 70s, when my father showed me the inside of a simple civil radio receiver and explained roughly how it works. Even then, the tubes enchanted me and the fact that they made a sound out of "nothing". The final push towards radios was given by my old math-physics teacher when he showed me his radio amateur station. He turned on the transceiver and made a couple of shortwave connections between 100 and 3000 km. The fact that I can communicate using a device, an antenna, with a person at a distance of X only with the help of radio waves, is completely mesmerized, and this "love" continues up to these days and I am interested in any device that communicates using radio waves, be it a simple receiver, a transceiver or even a flying radio compass.

Later I got my amateur license and was finally able to communicate on radio as I pleased! I once saw a military radio at an amateur friend of mine, maybe it was an R123 or an R105D, about 15 years ago. I have always been interested in antiques and in old military radios these two things met, antiques and radio. I was completely enchanted by those radios and I decided that I am going deal with them. At first I just started collecting them, but then I became interested in their operation, so I started learning how to fix them. My friend Zoltán Mezei has a huge help in this. Hence the idea to gather the info, to create a professional presentation website where we finally present the radios and the communication tools in a correct, exact way.



We hope that our work will reach as many people as possible and maybe they will also see in these devices the enormous mental and physical work with which they were able to do such great equipment at the time!