I maintain my position that the published documents on my website - coming from anywhere, own scanning, downloading from the Internet - are essentially the intellectual property of the Ministry of Defense of the given country or the manufacturing company, so no one can claim their property after they have been scanned / published. I don't do either. The fact that a given Ministry or company does not exercise its right of ownership, that document is still its own intellectual property and not others. Intellectual property does not expire.

A friend of mine used to say that keeping knowledge to ourselves is selfishness. My goal is to pass on knowledge, experience, without having any financial gain in any form. Anyone is free to download anything from the site and it's for free. I also collect informations and pictures from several places. I do not ask for any compensation or reward for it, despite the fact that it takes a lot of time to search and organize to collected stuff. If you need help or information, please contact me and I will try my best to help. At the same time, I welcome any cooperation, help, information, documentation or,  in ideal situation, even a device. I am happy to cooperate with other websites as well.

 Most of my resources are free downloadable documents from the Internet. Without wishing to be exhaustive, my most important Internet resources are:
- military.trcvr.ru - NOT WORKING, it seems that this artificially generated war doesn't spare the spiritual things either


If anyone has any problems with the above things, then please let me know as described in the  Others / Contact menu.